A Day in the Life of…

Dawn Nelson

Dawn Nelson, AmeriCorps VISTA Member at The Center in Brainerd

7:30 AM—Arrive at The Center

7:45 AM—Check The Center’s Social Media, schedule posts

9:00 AM—Collect & Plan Content for Future Posts to Social Media

10:00 AM—Prepare & Deliver Monthly Newsletters around Community

10:30 AM—Plan & Conduct Outreach to Community Groups

12:00 PM—Lunch

1:00 PM—Research Grants

2:00 PM–Work on Grant Applications

3:30 PM—Maintain The Center’s Web Presence

4:00 PM—Head Home

Alyssa Lennander

Alyssa Lennander, AmeriCorps VISTA Member at the Brainerd Public Library

8:00 AM—Arrive at Brainerd Public Library

9:00AM—Check emails, read articles, update data, start a 3D print

10:00AM—Unpack Library Delivery

10:30AM—Check-In with Supervisor

11:00 AM—Research STEM Activities for Classes


2:00PM—Prep for a Class

3:00PM—Lead Afterschool STEM Class at the library

4:30PM—Clean Up, Put Away Supplies

5:00PM—Done for the Day

Jess Williams

Jessica Williams, AmeriCorps VISTA Leader at the Initiative Foundation

8:00 AM—Arrive at the Initiative Foundation

8:30AM—Check Emails, Create & Send VISTA Newsletter

9:00AM—Research Training and Networking Events in the area

10:00AM—Check-in Meeting with Supervisor

11:00AM—Edit/Update ifoundvista.org


1:00PM—Develop Worksheets, Resource Handouts for Monthly Leadership & Professional Development Trainings

2:00PM—Post this Blog

3:00PM—Check-in Meeting with VISTA Member

4:30PM—Done for the Day!

Tamara Horton

Tamara Horton, AmeriCorps VISTA at Career Solutions

8:00 AM—Arrive at Career Solutions

8:15 AM—Check Email, calendar, respond as needed

9:00 AM—Post to Social Media Accounts

10:00 AM—Analyze Survey Results

10:30 AM—Research Workshop Materials

12:00 PM—Lunch

1:00 PM—Professional Development Webinar

3:00 PM–Research Potential Material for Future Social Media Posts

4:30 PM—Head Home

Merry Jo DeMarais

Merry Jo DeMarais, AmeriCorps VISTA Member at the Initiative Foundation

7:50 AM—Arrive at the Initiative Foundation

8:00 AM—Turn on Computer, Get Settled for the Day

8:15 AM—Check Emails, schedule for the day

9:30 AM—Staff Meeting

10:00 AM—Project/Meeting Prep

11:00 AM—Project/Workshop Planning & Development

12:00 PM—Lunch

1:00 PM—Supervisor Touch Base

2:00 PM—Team Meeting

3:30 PM—Research Best Practices

4:30 PM—Go Home